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Gender Confirmation

For ultrasounds 15+ weeks ONLY

If you have had a scan and been told the gender, but you'd like a little bit of extra reassurance... then my gender reassurance pack is for you! 

I can provide that extra peace of mind you may need to start buying pink or blue! 

Or purple or green if your wish 

Send me your scans and I can help put your mind at ease

After correctly confirming the gender for many expecting parents in a clinic based environment, I am now preforming gender scans myself! 

You have the very best looking at your ultrasounds!

Gender is my speciality 

video credit is mine, I preformed the scan (the nub whisperer) copyrighted 

What Do I Do?

Whether it’s a potty shot “ between the legs” Or a side shot past 15 weeks I can take a look at your images and give you a detailed drawing with labels to clearly show you your babies gender

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